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Viridian Energy

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Save $$ On Your Utility Bill
Help The Beacon
…Designate Viridian Energy as your supplier with this link!


Dear Friends:
Here’s a 4th Wall fundraiser which puts money in YOUR pocket!

4th Wall has teamed up with Viridian Energy, an affordable green energy supplier, as a “not-for-profit Associate.”

As you know, Central Hudson, NYSEG, or other utilities provide electric to our houses and businesses but did you know that you have the choice on where they buy the electric they send you? The utility doesn’t make the electric, they buy it, and if you don’t choose who they buy it from they wind up buying from a no-name supplier that is usually dirty and more expensive that you would ever want.

Enter Viridian. If you choose them as your utility’s supplier (with NO fees to get in or leave) you will be:

* Helping the environment as you “go green”
* Lowering your energy costs over time
* Granting 4th Wall monthly residual income from Viridian that can add up to thousands of dollars over time!

You save money, we make money, and the planet breathes easier. That’s a Win, Win, Win!

Go to our special Viridian website and take the five minutes to sign up. It’s viridian.com/4thwall. You just need your account number and the address of to where the electric is delivered. You can even ask for a no obligation offer of free solar panels through Viridian’s exclusive deal with Sungevity, one of the largest solar companies in America, at the bottom of the new customer page that you are filling out. That helps us too!!

Now that’s a fundraiser that puts money into both of our pockets!

Thanks for the help!

P.S.: For more about Viridian Energy, watch this video:

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