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4th Wall Theatrical Productions, Inc. is a registered Section 501(c)(3) Organization (EIN: 06-1635446)

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4th Wall Theatrical Productions is a theater company with a record of stability and success. Founded in 1994, 4th Wall is run by professionals who learned their craft on Broadway, Off-Broadway, Nickelodeon, MTV, and Madison Square Garden. No one in the Hudson Valley has the breadth, years of experience, or the contacts that 4th Wall possesses.

4th Wall has a record of success in theater restoration as the House Company of The Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center, playing a pivotal role in the renewal of this 200-seat Victorian gem to its original grandeur.

4th Wall has specifically set its ticket prices for shows, education, and camps at the lowest end of the market to make quality art and education available at reasonable prices.

Ticket prices only cover a portion of the monetary outlay required to "put on a show." Like you and your neighbors, 4th Wall must pay rent, garbage pickup fees, and utility/phone/internet bills. On top of that, different sets have to be built, furnished, and lit for every show. Imagine the cost of totally renovating and redecorating your living room every couple of months; that's essentially what is done! In order to welcome you into our "living room," we also have to pay for advertising and program printing. Sometimes, however, the most expensive outlay is what is paid to the clearing houses which sell 4th Wall the right to produce a show. Unless it's in the public domain, the author or other copyright holder for every show 4th Wall produces is paid a sum of money based on a tiered system of charges. Your generous donation above and beyond ticket prices helps 4th Wall to continue bringing you quality theatrical experiences.

Your donation on any level is Tax Deductible.


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Naming Rights:

  • • Lounge/Promenade - $30,000 Donation
  • • Rehearsal Studio - $50,000 Donation


Please email info@thebeacontheatre.org for current rates for 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and full page ads.


  • • Marquee - $300,000
  • • Main Stage - $150,000

Advertising will include the corporate name mentioned when the area in question is used in advertising or on printed materials. ex. ‘On the David Electronics Main Stage” or “ The Beacon, powered by XYZ Corporation”. Corporate logo will be used when appropriate. Marquee will include logo on LED display and both leases will include pre-taped advertisements on the Marquee and the four front panel television screens in the entrance of the theatre.

4th Wall Theatrical Productions, Inc. is a registered Section 501(c)(3) Organization. Make your Tax Deductible Donation Today!

Rhinebeck Bank Sukhothai Authentic Thai Cuisine 4th Wall Theatrical Productions, Inc.
is a registered Section 501(c)(3) Organization (EIN: 06-1635446)